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Benefits for your company

5 benefits of the electronic invoice (e-invoice).

An overwiev of the 5 Benefits

1. optimized work processes
Digital invoice documents enable seamless processes and speed up the approval process, even for different departments and locations. Your accounts payable accounting becomes more strategic and efficient.

2. time savings
Error-prone manual data entry is eliminated, which increases accounting quality and creates more time for value-adding tasks.

3. cost savings
E-invoices eliminate costs for paper, envelopes, printing, postage, folders and filing cabinets, resulting in savings of up to 60 percent.

4. increased visibility
Employees have cloud access to receipts at all times, which improves the ability to provide information and collaborate with tax advisors.

5. improved liquidity planning
Faster processing of incoming invoices enables cash discounts and provides a better overview of expenses. Electronic delivery speeds up incoming payments and reduces dunning rates.

What is an electronic invoice (e-invoice)?

E- invoicing is becoming mandatory by law and requires company processes to be adapted. This brings many benefits as a new standard for digital processes is established between your company, customers, suppliers and the tax consultancy office. Early conversion leads to faster benefits such as cost savings. Get started now!

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